Patrick's Friend Shares Last Conversation They Had

"Social media is breaking me" - Patrick Shai

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With the funeral arrangements underway for the late Patrick Shai, his friend was a guest on 702, where he shared the very last telephonic conversation they had, and it was heartbreaking. This highlights the dangers of social media and cyber bullying.

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Thabang Sefoto who regards himself as Patrick's close friend, told the radio station presenters he reached out to Shai when social media trolls came for him after he challenged Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match.

In the video, Shai said this to Cassper, “Before I die I want to make sure that I’ve beat you so that on my tombstone they can write this is the man who beat Caster or Costa or whatever your sh*t name is … Come you son of a b***h.”

Social media came for him and even his own son said the video was an embarrassment to the family and himself as well.

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The bullying proved to be too much for Shai, who told his friend that he reached out to Cassper to try and apologuse to him. Sefotho said Shai even apparently cried over the phone during their conversation.

Speaking about his work as an activist, he said Shai did extensive work in ensuring that men do not make the same mistakes me made, “He did so much and he said so much and he encouraged a lot of us here.”

He said he spoke to Shai after the social media bullying, “Last week Tuesday, I think, after the Cassper thing happened on the internet, I personally spoke to him. I called him and he was so apologetic,” he said. He even allegedly cried over the phone, “He broke down, he literally cried on the phone. He was a very emotional person.”   

Sefotho then went on to share how Shai felt about the 'character assassination,' “Look, ntwana, I’ve tried to reach out to Cassper and the family, I’m speaking to the management. This character assassination on social media is really breaking me.’”   

Not impressed at all by his choice of words, Shai did apologise to Cassper but the bullying continued.

“I should have known better as an adult. My apologies, I humbly, from the bottom of my heart, apologise for having used such strong language towards your mom. Even though the challenge would've been an ideal thing but now it has been soured by what I said.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart, please forgive me and forgive me South Africans. I am regretting every bit of the last sentence. That I used, I'm sorry.” he said

Many celebrities did not only share a few heartfelt words to Shai, but they gave the trolls a piece of their mind. Firstly, Hlomla Dandala not only came for trolls, he also came for Cassper Nyovest.

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Fighting her tears was Nomsa Buthelezi who slammed trolls who want to trend for likes, "Ubaba 'Patrick Shai was insulted by people who thought they wanted to trend because they wanted to have the biggest likes...The most coldest people with no respect. He’s gone, congratulations."

“He may have been dealing with stuff in his life, but you pressed the go button. You pressed the push," she said.  "I hope it’s going to haunt them and their generation... If it does not come for you in this lifetime, it will come for your children in the next. Continue commenting the way you want. You don't even have the decency to show remorse."

Here's what Somizi Mhlongo said:

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