Mohale's Past Back To Haunt Him?

"Is it because Somizi is Jub Jub's friend?"

By  | Dec 03, 2021, 12:29 PM  | Mohale Motaung  | Drama

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Following the wake of Amanda Du Pont’s shocking revelation that has quite literally shaken Mzansi, the internet has witnessed not one but most Zalebs being put on the spot for their previous crimes and mistakes. 

One recent case that has resurfaced is that of Mohale Motaung and his estranged husband, Somizi Mhlongo. If you can remember, right when their relationship had started hitting the rocks, Mohale had mentioned that Somizi was allegedly abusive and for that he wanted out.

Now, immediately after Amanda released her video revealing what exactly happened between her and Jub Jub, Mohale was one of the Zalebs who took to his twitter to support her. The media personality tweeted saying, “I believe Amanda Du Pont” 

Taking to his comment section, while many seemed to agree with Mohale, one tweep hit a nerve when they went on to ask, “You believe her because Jub Jub is Somizi’s friend, or do you genuinely believe her?” 

Not waiting another second, Mohale immediately blasted the troll with a clapback that has had fellow tweeps raise their eyebrows as to why Mohale is suddenly catching feelings. In a retweet, Mohale responded saying, “Maybe show yourself and stop tweeting from a burner account, THEN you and I can have this conversation. For now, F**K OFF.”

The emotional outburst is what has tweeps even more interested. Did Mohale lash out because he is defending Somgaga or was he just triggered, owing that his previous relationship was allegedly an abusive one? 

Tweeps have since taken to demand that Mohale responds to the troll’s question. For others they simply believe that the burner account belongs to Somizi and that this is just one of the many sabotages that Somagaga is always accused of. Come on people, are we seriously back at this again?

Mohale’s loyal fans also want the troll to reveal his true identity so that they can give him a taste of his own medicine. His fans have decided they are choosing violence all the way! 

But now that we are talking about Somizi, it seems that tweeps are also coming for him for what he allegedly did to Mohale. Somizi, who is celebrating having his book nominated for the Gourmand Award 2022, has since been blasted with tweeps saying, “We have not forgotten that you are also an abuser.” 

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