Mihlali's Summer Body Brings Out All The Haters

Is she sure she didn't go for surgery?

By  | Jan 04, 2022, 07:58 AM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

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Not too long ago, beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase took to her Instagram to set the internet ablaze with saucy bikini pics that were all about serving summer body goals. As you can imagine, Mzansi was quite pleased with how beautiful she looked and could not stop gushing over her.

That however did not stop the haters from coming at her questioning how exactly she lost weight, saying that there is no way she didn’t go for surgery. One tweep took Twitter to repost the bikini photos and what she had to say was not all nice and rosy.

In the tweet, the tweep says that all these famous people do is hit the gym for a couple of days, go in for surgery and come back with new bodies expecting the public to believe that they actually lost weight that fast.

Now while it is not clear what may have caused such a reaction from a random tweep, a visibly upset Mihlali took to responding to these allegations seeing that her reputation was on the line.

Responding to the tweet, Mihlali set the record straight saying that she did not go under the knife, mainly because she fears the whole experience.

She also added asking, “Let’s say I did go under the knife, how is that any of your business?” Instead all she opted to do was go on a plant based diet so she could reach her body goals. 

Taking to her comment section, fans are showing up for her in numbers telling her that she does not need to explain herself to anyone and should instead block out all the negativity.

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Mihlali also went ahead to add that she worked really hard to get the body she has always been dreaming of and she just wished that people would stop being weird about it. 

Having shared her entire weight loss journey with her fans, it still bugs her that someone would go again and say that she had to go for surgery to get her body.

That aside, you’d be happy to know that the YouTube sensation just recently got casted for a Showmax film called Boxing Day.

This news may have come as exciting news to all her fans but others were not exactly sure whether she fit the bill. Although her role in the film is not that big, it did not stop the haters from coming at her. 

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