Mampintsha Fires Back At Broke Artists

He thinks it's ridiculous to complain about his pricing

By  | Jan 10, 2022, 02:47 PM  | Mampintsha  | Drama

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Music producer Mampintsha Shimora was recently under fire after he revealed how much he charges to do a feature in a song. Now he has returned to clap back at those who had something to say. 
In the initial video, Mampintsha said that he charges R100K for a feature. He said he recognizes his worth, as he is THE Mampintsha, and as such, would insist on the money upfront. 

As you can imagine, he was dragged all over social media. Tweeps thought it was rather audacious for him to be asking for that much. They believe he has fallen off as an artist, and would be lucky to find anyone that still wants him to feature in their music, as it is doubtful that the song would even be a hit. 
Well, Mampintsha did not take kindly to the slander. He recently responded in a video, clapping back at the haters. 

He essentially blamed those who questioned his fees for having low standards, and for being too cheap to afford him anyway. "If you complain about the price you not the target market," the post was captioned.
It is interesting to note that following his new video doubling down on his high rates, he has received only praise from his followers. It is quite the change of tune from the bashing that he received the first time around, and now it looks like everyone thinks he is immensely talented and deserving of the amount and more. He has also been hailed as the ultimate comedian, though you’ve got to hand it to him. He is pretty funny

The artist has a wavering social media presence, with breaks between his posts. However, no matter how active he has been previously, he always seems to disappear when there is drama and return when things have cooled down. 
This time is a perfect example, as it has been days since the insults were hurled at him, and he is just now responding. Another perfect example is the fact that he is yet to respond to Makhadzi after she said that from just looking at him, she can tell that he would be terrible in bed

That came after Mampintsha’s wife Babes Wodumo had gone after Makhadzi, accusing her of sleeping with Mampintsha, among many other insults she hurled at her. 
It is either Mampintsha is practicing willful ignorance, or he is taking the moral high road. However, knowing his past, we cannot say for sure. What do you think is the reason he has pulled a “Bird Box” on the whole Makhadzi-Babes saga? 

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