Is Khumo Mahlangu coming for Kairo Forbes?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:50 PM  | Khumo Mahlangu  | Drama

Tol Ass Mo and Mome are lovers of the spotlight. They were one of the very first ZAlebs couples' to delve into reality TV and allow cameras to document their lives.

This meant that all their children were also, without a doubt in the mix. Khumo Mahlangu is a vivacious and bubbly 5 year old with a personality big enough for a show of her own.

She's definitely our favourite of the Mahlangu clan as she has a witty response to her dad at every turn. And when watching the family through the lens, we definitely get a sense that Khumo might just definitely be Tol Ass Mo's doppelganger in every way; looks, wit and even that signature lisp. She is definitely daddy's little girl.

Khumo is a hard working toddler though. She has just over 33 000 followers on Instagram and her own range of children’s cosmetic products called Tiny Huggs Collection, which consists of hair products, bath salts, balms and body sprays in kid-friendly flavours such as marshmallow and berry.
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Yoh, these kids are showing us up! Thinking back to when we were 5 years old we had a range of mud pies, "ma tin" and dress up happened on occasions such as Guy Fawkes day. We had followers from the neighbourhood and 33 was probably as big as the group grew. Not 33 000!

Another kid who is showing us flames on these here streets is Kairo Forbes who is managed by her grandmother and has brand deals with the likes of Naartjie and Earth Child. 

If you're wanting your child to start earning their keep - possibly sign them to Gogo Forbes or get tips from the Mahlangus on how their kideos are running their own businesses at the age of 5 and building empires that we sometimes only hear of in the movies. 
A big well done to their parents who are starting them young!