Khuli Chana: Go F*** Yourself

The rapper claps back

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:56 PM  | Khuli Chana  | Drama

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Note to self: Khuli Chana doesn't care what his haters think. If you didn't already know this, he sent a reminder after a critic came after him on the timeline.

To think, this was all sparked by the tragic death of American rapper, Nipsey Hussle. Thousands of commentators around the world shared their condolences with the slain rapper after he was shot six times in what many believe to be a gang-related crime (and many more believe to be an assassination by the government).

Like many others around the world, and especially in the hip hop community, Khuli Chana was devastated by the loss and he took a moment to pay his respects to the murdered rapper.

Khuli revealed how Nipsey Hussle had begun to influence him, admitting he started following the rapper relatively later in his career. Chana said:

"I had just started following Nipsey Hussle,his music,his side-hustle,his whole being inspired me to re-create myself. This is heartbreaking,this is a huge LOSS."

While many sympathised with him, several tweeps felt as if Chana was hopping onto the bandwagon and one let him know directly what she thought.

Khuli Chana was in no mood to be disrespected on the TL and although some felt it was a bit harsh, he bit back with a painful clapback that many of us felt on her behalf.

The days of celebrities tolerating abuse on social media are numbered it appears, as more and more stars are clapping back in this fashion.

Do you think that Khuli Chana was too harsh to this hater or did they deserve the fierce clapback?

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