K Naomi Puts The Government On Blast

"Are you sure we're not being scammed?"

By  | Nov 25, 2021, 02:31 PM  | K Naomi  | Drama

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It is no secret that the government does not always inspire confidence, particularly among celebrities. Now, K Naomi is the latest ZAleb to call the government’s bluff in public. 

The ANC government, together with medical experts in the country, have recently gone public with news that a new COVID19 variant has been discovered in South Africa. According to the report, the variant has also been found in Hong Kong and Botswana.

But the news is especially disturbing because they say the virus has mutated into the super-variant. Reportedly, medical experts are as yet unsure whether the new variant can be effectively stopped by the vaccines. 
But tweeps are not buying the news, with K Naomi in the forefront. She took to Twitter to express her doubts on the authenticity of the report. 

Responding to a tweet by eNCA, she asked fellow tweeps whether they could be certain that we are not just being scammed. 
Her thought seems to resonate with many of her followers, as they responded with their doubts. A common sentiment is that the government wants to put up another lockdown in order to frustrate businesses and to control the citizens more effectively. 
Others are suspicious that the pandemic seemed to be getting better just before the elections when it was convenient for the lockdown to be lifted for votes. But now that all that is finished, the disease seems to β€œmagically” be getting worse again. 
But the media personality is not the only ZAleb who finds the news a little difficult to believe. Pearl Modiadie has shared similar sentiments regarding the news, when she responded to a similar announcement saying β€œUnbelievable”. 
It makes sense that K Naomi would be concerned about heading to another lockdown. She has had a big year with many big things happening, and it would be terrible to cut it all short because of another lockdown. 
She recently had a magnificent engagement party followed by an equally stunning Lobola ceremony. She took to social media to share pictures of both events, and fans could not keep calm. She has been happily engaged for some time now, and we are sure to see beautiful wedding pictures in the near future. 

Mzansi celebrities have gotten in trouble because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we hope that is not the route it will go for K Naomi too. Thuli Phongolo was recently accused of faking the illness as part of a government plot to spread propaganda. Following that, the timing of the new announcement seems to be the final thread to allow fans to draw conclusions. 
Either way, we cannot decide whether to hope it’s a hoax or not. If K Naomi is right, then we can rest a little easy knowing we are not headed into more disaster, yet we can’t trust the government. But if she is wrong, that means doom in the months ahead. Which is the lesser evil? 

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