"I Hate Bipolar People." K Naomi

Twitter is slamming.

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South African presenter, K Naomi left Twitter in a mess last night after she shared an extremely insensitive tweet that appeared to make light of people suffering from Bipolar disorder.

K Naomi, who rose to fame as a model and TV presenter seven years ago, has been known for her outspoken attitude - calling out bullies as well as troublesome exes with little trouble on social media. However, when she appeared to target "bipolar people" she crossed a line and many followers on Twitter have not let her off the hook.

"Naomi" (Twitter seemed to forget the "K" in her name but asikolapho) has been trending since Tuesday night well into Wednesday morning as Tweeps demand an explanation for a quite frankly distasteful tweet that she shared before seemingly switching off her phone and going to bed.

Keitumetse, her full name, wrote:

"I hate bipolar people...You can’t always switch up, choose your vibes and be about them"

We are not sure if she was referring to people who actually suffer from bipolar disorder, or if she was using the phrase in a callous manner to describe people who appear to switch moods easily. Either way, it is safe to say that her line of commentary was irresponsible and she has since been called out on social media.

Most fans have dragged her for showing no sensitivity to a mental illness that affects thousands of South Africans (and indeed people around the world). Others also educated the presenter on the fact that you can't simply choose your "vibe" when you have Bipolar disorder. Take a look at some of the most damning critics below:

And just before anybody can hop on the "You know what she meant" brigade, one particular tweep took the time to educate K Naomi, her fans and anybody on the timeline who tried to give her a free pass. This national hero appeared to share a myths/facts tweet that should clear up any confusion:

It's quite ironic that someone who has suffered from depression could share something so insensitive. Back in 2018, Naomi admitted to reaching "rock bottom" when she said:

"This year I’ve been suffering from minor depression. As small as it may seem I hit rock bottom and felt like I couldn’t handle or wasn’t in control of my life.
With the help of family and a psychologist, I’ve been pushing through. Thought I’d share"

K Naomi has since woken up to the overload of feedback in her mentions and decided to own up to her mistake. She has since deleted the problematic tweet and apologized to those affected.  Good for her!

Images: @knaomi_n on Twitter

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