Just how bad is the English in Mzansi? Check this out

Not that bad

By  | Oct 14, 2021, 12:07 PM  | Drama

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Just how good is your English? 

In the past, some South African celebrities like Babes Wodumo have been ridiculed for speaking broken English.

Wodumo, in her defence, said she doesn’t owe anyone proper English and that she’s a proud Zulu speaker. 

Do you also fall in Wodumo's category? We recently asked our Zalebs followers on Facebook to ‘’begin a sentence with me’’ if they are good in English. 

As usual, they took the challenge headlong albeit some struggling with the assignment. A majority came up with hilarious responses! 

We sampled some of the responses for you:

For this follower, it is impossible to start a sentence beginning with me.

Some people were highly creative in coming up with a sentence beginning with me like this one below.

Mpho commented that Her Majesty the Queen of Britain would be disappointed with some of the construction. Would she?

More reactions

This one refused to participate in the challenge

Whereas English should not be used as a measure of intelligence, Mzansi celebs have in the past been ridiculed for being poor at it.

Uzalo Actress Thuthuka Mtembu found herself on the wrong side with Mzansi people after she shared a series of broken English tweets.

Other celebs simply don’t care and more are admitting to their shortcoming when it comes to speaking the Queen’s language.

24-year-old Makhadzi admitted that she prefers Sothi/Pedi as a language of communication because she is not fluent in English. 

Musician Papa Penny despite being trolled on several occasions because of bad English, doesn’t give a damn as he keeps making the same mistake.

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