Ivy Suspects Mr Kgomo Is Cheating With Lizzy

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By  | Mar 18, 2023, 07:25 PM  | Drama

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Mr Kgomo’s cheating drama doesn’t look like it is going to be ending soon after his wife Ivy found her at Capsys with Lizzy.
After ignoring all the signs and even a tip-off from Mantuli on suspicion that Mr Kgomo is having an affair with Melita, Ivy said “not my husband.”
This was until she found a woman’s bra in her luggage and her husband’s shady behavior started to make sense. As she was still taking it all in, her husband Kgomo received a mysterious call -which we know was from Melita who forget her meds at Kgomo’s offices.
He lied to Ivy, saying he was going to meet a client as he headed to Turf hospital to collect his mistress’s meds and oh, she demanded takeaways from Capsys.
As Kgomo awaited his order, Lizzy who was enjoying dinner at the restaurant offered Kgomo a seat while he waited for his order. Ivy walked into Capsys and saw his husband having a chat with Lizzy (in her eyes they were having dinner together).
Sadly, Lizzy, who has no idea what is going on, will now appear as a homewrecker in the Kgomo household while it’s actually Melita.
What Does This All Mean For Paxton?
For the first time, it appears Paxton Kgomo might have to face the music. The troublesome youngster keeps getting away with murder because his parents keep bailing him out.
His resentment for Melita keeps growing, more especially after finding out that his dad had gotten back together with her despite promising that it was all over.
Paxton Kgomo decided to take matters into his own hands and confronted Melita in the evening, guised with Baclavas.
The plans for Pax and his crew was just to scare Melita, however, emotions overcame him and he physically assaulted her and she ended up in hospital because of the injuries. 
Kgomo has been pleading with her not to press charges and as a result she has been blackmailing him and asking for exorbitant amounts of money.
On a more positive note, Pax kgomo real name Thabiso Molokomme has been named South Africa’s best actor by the people.
Thabiso Molokomme was voted best actor at the Royal Soapie awards. The fans had to vote in this category. 
The actor, 21 expressed his excitement on his social media account.
 “God never disappoints. While I sleep, He’s still working. Just began my acting career about a year back but I was honoured to be nominated amongst legends I look up to,” posted Molokomme.
Thank you Mzansi, Kealeboga ka pelo yaka kamoka. I’m truly humbled.”
This comes just a few months after he bagged 20 distinctions at the University of Johannesburg.
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