"It Was An Honest Mistake"- Nonku Defends Jojo's Glass Throwing Incident

Jojo continues to rub viewers of RHOD the wrong way

By  | Mar 23, 2023, 08:50 AM  | Drama

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Nonku Williams defended her friend Jojo Robinson on the dramatic Wednesday episode of Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) following the glass-throwing incident

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Jojo left a bitter taste in social media users' mouths after throwing a glass of water at her friend Nonku.

But Nonku was adamant that it was an honest mistake. It is no secret that Nonku and Jojo's friend is not celebrated by many Twitter users as they think Jojo is rude and Nonku is the only one tolerating her messiness out of all the women in the franchise.

Nonku continues to prove that she is a true friend, who will defend her bestie through thick and thin. In the latest episode of the show, the ladies were at the Drakensberg Mountain’s Sani Pass Resort where Jojo had invited them for a weekend away, and as usual, the episode was filled with drama

 Jojo confronted Annie for a comment she made about her room “smelling like alcohol”. Annie commented that her room smelled like alcohol after entering it. Things got heated during a dinner with the ladies when Jojo confronted Annie.

“It has come to my attention, and the other day when Annie came into my room it sort of confirmed it… that basically now, all of a sudden, I am a drinker,” said Jojo while confronting Annie.

Annie was not having it, she said Jojo was being dramatic and she did not mean to hurt her feeling when she said the comment. Jojo was adamant that it hurt her because everyone is perceiving her as a drunkard now.

Annie said Jojo was micontruing what she said and it was not that deep. Nonku who is Jojo's friend- interjected and said Jojo was hurt by Annie's comment but Annie said she was not having that conversation.

Jojo added that Annie and Sorisha dislike her and while Annie was addressing Jojo that she was being dramatic-  a furious Jojo hurled a glass in Nonkus's direction, splashing water all over his face and eyes.

Jojo then stormed out of the dinner and started crying. Of course, some of the ladies followed her to try and calm her down. During her diary session, Nonku said  Jojo did not intend to throw a glass of water at her.

"With Jojo flipping, I know it was not the first time she’s done it, But i know for a fact that she did not mean to hurt me,' she said.

Sorisha said Jojo was wrong and she was upset with her behavior and disappointed that Nonku was defending her and not holding her accountable.
Jojo left the trip she was hosting in the morning when her husband Calvin picked her up, leaving the ladies to their own devices.

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