"Don't Bring My Ex To My Shows"- Langa Mavuso

Fans have criticized the musician for his unrealistic request

By  | Mar 01, 2023, 07:24 AM  | Drama

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South African musician Langa Mavuso has pleaded with fans to not 'bring his ex to his shows.

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The musician recently shared some post-breakup rules on Twitter, but it's unclear what prompted them. In a now-deleted tweet, Langa said you shouldn't bring your ex to Langa's shows if you are with his ex now, no matter how much you love his music.

"No matter how much you love my music, if you’re dating my ex, please don’t bring him to my shows, or don’t let him bring you to my shows.”

In another post, the Intliziyo hitmaker explained why he does not want to see his ex on his shows.

“You guys can’t gently sway to our failed love story. Write a new song,” he wrote.

Fans took to the comments section to criticize him for his unrealistic request.

It is unclear whether the RnB singer and his boyfriend Lentswe Bhengu, are still together. In 2022, Lentswe took to social media to pen down a sweet note to the singer while he was celebrating his birthday

"Happy birthday my love @langamav. Ngikufisela konke okuhle kulonyaka babe. You deserve it all, and together we’ll achieve it. I look forward to more laughs, longer cuddles, and creating more memories with you. By the way, 28 never looked better,” he wrote.

There is no doubt that the singer is not one to shy away from opening up about his heartbreak. During an interview with IOL in 2020, he spoke candidly about the heartbreak he felt after splitting from his then-ex.

“I’m not afraid of loving again, I’m afraid of the risk of losing love again. Unfortunately, to love again, you’ll have to accept the risk. To love openly and to love truly means that you’re accepting that this person might break my heart, they might leave me or die and that’s what I’m afraid of. I feel like I’m working through it as there’s still so much love left in my heart. I will always love, love, I will never give up on it, I just hate the pain when you lose it, and when you have to find yourself again,” he shared.

He also opened up about losing the love of his love in matric. "When I say I got scars on my eyes, I’m talking about that feeling when I just found out that this person that I love is no more. I sat in my hostel room, and I stared out the window and watched the nightfall and the sunrise. I never slept. The song is about how much deeper I cared. The chorus recalls a beautiful memory shared when we first kissed. It’s about looking back at a time that was tough, and about love that is no longer present. It’s remembering it with joy and with love," he explained.

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