Ambitiouz Takes Down Danya Devs’ “iCareer” Music Video?

Talk about petty.

By  | May 26, 2023, 10:53 AM  | Blaq Diamond   | Drama

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Ambitiouz Entertainment has earned the notoriety of being a record label which is prone to allegedly “exploit” its successful artists The list of former artists that were signed to the record label that has come out to paddle such accusations is long.

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Whether it is Amanda Black, Emtee, Malome Vector, B3nchMarQ, etc. The record label is not short of artists that have called out the record label. 
Despite all of this, the record label has been steadfast in countering this narrative continually suggesting that their former artists are ungrateful after finding success since signing with them, and believing they can make it without them.

Recently, this has been the case with arguably the record label’s most popular duo Blaq Diamond, who in 2021 left the record label. As the duo attempts to pave their independent release journey, Ambitiouz is seemingly making it clear that this will not be easy. 

Ambitiouz takes down Danya Dev’s
iCareer music video? 

At the start of the week, Blaq Diamond was on the promotional trail for the release of member, Danya Dev’s debut solo single which was titled Inkosi yo Shuni. However, Ambtiouz was quick to sabotage that release as it released the entire album ahead of the release of the single. 

While Danya had taken the “L” and redirected the attention to yet another single. As reported

Danya took to Instagram to affirm that he has scrapped the release of his debut single which was the title track of what was meant to be his debut album.

In light of this fact, he has asserted that he is now set to release a new single. In his caption, he sent a cheeky message back to Ambitiouz making it clear that he is not phased. Moreover, his newly released debut single is now titled iCareer, which was not part of the album.
Moreover, at the time, Danya planned to release the single with the visuals to accompany the release. As such, he shared the link of the music video via his Instagram. 
However, when following the link or when searching for the music video on YouTube. You will find that the video is not unavailable.

A fact which Ambitiouz took pride in sharing that it was behind the fact as it took to Twitter to share a post directed at Danya stating:

“When artists sign a contract with their name linked to linked to their ID/ passport number. Changing stage names or doing solo projects makes no difference. The contract is signed with you, not your stage name… Releasing music as Umuthi/ Danya Devs/ Blaq Diamond/ etc. into encane (is nothing), makes no difference.”

As such, there was backlash from Twitter users at the level of petty the record label has managed to achieve.
White Ambitiouz continues to go low, Blaq Diamond is currently in the UK and set to perform in the country for the first time. 
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