DJ Zinhle: Fuse Academy Is Closed

DJ Zinhle warns fans about a Fuse Academy scam

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:26 PM  | DJ Zinhle 

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Another week, another scam involving a celebrity's name is doing the rounds and this time around it's DJ Zinhle who has had to warn her fans not to pay money to anybody who works for her DJ School, Fuse Academy.

In announcing this warning, style icon DJ Zinhle also admitted that the academy had now been closed down although she emphasized that the closure was temporary. However, it seems as if many fraudsters have capitalised on this and started offering people fake enrolment to the now non-existent academy and appear to be doing so using realistic-looking email addresses.

In fact, a quick look on social media will show you that a Facebook page claiming to belong to the Fuse Academy has been accepting/advertising enrolments from as recently as May 2019, while also adding a rather suspicious-looking phone number for enquiries. The same page raised even further suspicion when we noticed that it had updated its profile picture just a few days ago, without giving any notification of the temporary closure that DJ Zinhle has just announced. Take a look:

In a bid to warn her followers from the latest scam involving her name, Zinhle quickly took to her Twitter page to let everybody know that her famous DJ training school for girls was now closed before adding instructions on how to reclaim your money if you have mistakenly paid for enrolment in recent weeks.

Africa's #1 Female DJ Wrote on Twitter:

"Please note that I have temporarily shut down Fuse Academy. Do not pay anyone for enrollment even if they are using a Fuse Academy account. If you have paid, please email [email protected]"

Fans were curious as to why she had made the decision to close down but at the time of writing DJ Zinhle did not offer any other explanation beyond this warning:

DJ Zinhle is the most recent superstar to protect innocent fans from parting ways with their money or other private information. It seems as if scammers are working in overdrive at this time of the year because less than two weeks ago, Connie Ferguson had to warn her own fans from falling for a gimmick that was using her name to try and lure innocent people into a fake internship.

Why do you think DJ Zinhle closed down her academy, and worse still, do you think there will come a day when scammers stop using celebrities to steal money from innocent people?

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