Cassper Tries To Support The #CapeFlats Residents

Cassper's intentions were in the right place though!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:23 PM  | Cassper Nyovest 

Cassper Nyovest's heart was in the right place this week when he tried to bring light to one of this country's most troubled districts; the infamous Cape Flats in the Western Cape.

The Cape Flats have been ignored and neglected for far too long; existing on the borders of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Africa. Cape Town's inequality is most evident when after spending time on the white beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, you find yourself in the lesser privileged neighbourhoods that make up the Cape Flats. The lack of government attention means that poverty has increased and with it, violent crime and gangsterism have run rampant.

South Africa needs to do something about the Cape Flats! While many other celebrities are ignoring the region altogether, Cassper Nyovest wanted to highlight the struggles that the people in that district are experiencing. This week the rapper took to Twitter to appeal for action when he wrote:

While he has a point; the #CapeFlats situation is desperately sad; he drew criticism by seemingly generalising that all residents of the Cape Flats were coloured. Some of his African followers took exception with this and educated the rapper:

Others were keen to point out that the Cape Flats were not necessarily just a series of flats (i.e. apartments) in Cape Town; but rather, a geographical region containing a number of townships.

Cassper didn't take too kindly to the corrections he received on the timeline. It didn't help that a number of fans were making light of the situation and after growing frustrated, Cassper dropped it altogether.

Do you think that Cassper was doing the right think by trying to call out the violence and issues in the Cape Flats region?

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