Bontle: Touch My Baby Bump And I'll Punch You!

Bontle Modiselle has issued a stern warning to all fans and followers - Do not touch her baby bump!
The singer & presenter and her rapper boyfriend Priddy Ugly announced their pregnancy last week in a cute snap to the surprise and excitement of many fans.
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They couple – known collectively as Rick Jade - even released cute music video for track Bonita on the same day as their pregnancy announcement.
But if you thinking about congratulating the pregnant star in person with a hug or pat on the belly, think again!
Bontle told fans on Instagram; "I’ve waited so long to do the hand to bump preggy pose. It’s magical! I know exactly how Linda Mtoba feels  [P.S - please DON’T TOUCH MY BELLY when you see me. I’ll punch you in the throat
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Bontle isn't the only pregnant Zaleb who warned fans not to get too close
Earlier this year Lexi Van took to Twitter to set a few ground rules with fans about her pregnancy.
The former Big Brother Mzansi star - who recently gave birth to a little boy with boyfriend Mandla Hlatswayo - revealed she would not tolerate fans invading her personal space.
She posted; “I will not allow any ‘fan’ to touch me or my baby. Why can’t some of you respect our space?
“Also, you can surely tell when someone is in a rush. Respect that. Please know my attitude will stink if you think I’m at the mall to entertain you or your disrespectful self. Tsek!"
Lootlove also reiterated these comments when she was expecting twin girls with partner Reason.
She posted on Instagram; "It’s a beautiful time, it’s a sacred time, it’s OUR time. P.S If you see me in the streets, please don’t touch my tummy... I will punch you in the throat!  K thanks byeeeee.”
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