Andile Is In An Entanglement And Doesn't Know It

When you think your relationship is strong kanti

By  | Aug 02, 2020, 01:33 PM 

The River this week saw the return of Andile's fiance Njabulo and whilst Andile was happy to have his man home, his man had other plans for their relationship.

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Wiseman Zitha Joins The River

Njabulo and Andile were quite the couple before Njabulo's brief departure, they even got engaged, they basically had their whole future planned out but it seems that during his time in Argentina Njabulo has found himself a new bae.

Heartthrob Wiseman Zitha who portrays Mondli made his debut on The River this week as Njabulo's new bae and he is definitely about to shake up the couple's relationship.

Njabulo was meant to break up with Andile on his first night back but the surprise wedding invitations have delayed that plan and Mondli is getting impatient.

Andile finally met Mondli and even offered to help him get a job at his mother's mine unaware that this is the person who his fiance really wants to be with.

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