Veezo View’s ‘Point Of View’

“Sorry for the wait.”

By | Aug 27, 2019, 11:53 AM

Following the release of his astounding visuals for ‘Based on a View Story’, the rapper certainly earned his title as one of the best and consistent rappers in the Hip-Hop scene. Veezo recently revealed his album cover and announced the release of the much anticipated album ‘Point Of View’, which is on September 1st. 

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The rapper apologised to fans for the delay of the release and announcement and it seems as though all if forgiven as fans are high-strung for this project.

“A lot has happened since my last body of work, I thank every soul that has supported my journey this far, everyone rallying behind this culture, the doers and light bringers. My next baby embodies all the growth, experiences, the dubs and lessons, the victories, sleepless nights, the love I have for making music and most importantly my perspective and Point Of View. 01/09/2019 is P.O.V day. Sorry for the wait.” 

His official website is up and running and he will be using that platform for all his projects including his film Based On A View story is available to be streamed. Based On A View Story will also be available on Apple Music, making it more accessible to fans. 

Album cover for P.O.V

In an interview speaking about P.O.V he said that this album following 'Pre Visa' will also be a showcase of 'feel good music' and show his versatility. His plans for the remainder of the year is to release more visuals, music and business moves which will also showcase his growth.

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