Precious Mokotedi Confident In her Shape!

Bold and beautiful

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Beauty has always been limited to slim, light-skinned, and fair but this model here is here to show many people out there that thick is beautiful too. She is not afraid to flaunt her beauty and will never be intimidated by her looks. She has embraced her looks and lives to prove to people that there is nothing wrong with being fully figured.

The Digital Content Creator believes that thick is beautiful too and that it is high time she changed the narrative and she is living exactly like that. She is one of the local celebrities who have represented beauty in a different form. We love her confidence and how she is able to show off her body without any fear of intimidation. This is one of the attributes we need from our celebrities.

Now and then she shares snaps of her beautiful self with her followers and that is why people love her. She has now scored herself a huge following due to her confidence and her stern personality. Today she has scored her self-more than 173 000 followers on Facebook.

 “The first frame was actually the first picture on this page🌸 I tore up this top to signify my growth over the past two years. Freelance modeling hasn’t been easy with zero guidance, knocking on doors myself, learning on the job, and representing myself on and off-screen. If I had to, I’d do it all over again. I’ve blossomed and advanced as a model, a medical scientist, and a woman. To more growth,” she said.
 Like everyone else she has experienced her set challenges and has overcome all of them. to her it is all about growth and overcoming obstacles, she said in a recent interview with Weekenpost.

. “I hit so many brick walls in my quest to grow. The sabotage, the judgment, the rejection, the criticism, blow after blow, it took a lot for me to overcome opposing forces. Somehow, in the end, it fueled my motivation to keep on pushing.  My parents have always been supportive, I can definitely say they gave me immense support throughout my journey. I could write a pretty thick book about everything they have done and all that I am still doing for my career,” she said.

On different occasions, she was spotted on social media celebrating the diversity of beauty and her fellow beautiful women a gesture befitting a Queen.  The former Miss Plus Size Finalist is beautiful inside out. It is not her beauty that keeps us drawn to her, but also her beautiful heart.

"As I said, every Thursday I'll be posting a Queen that I came across on social media that week. Someone that impressed me and impacted me. It will be a random selection. This is to inspire every single one of you, to celebrate beauty. If you would like to get my attention, feel free to tag me in your pictures. Today, id like to Shoutout to Mmangaka Tumagole AKA The Bumz. It is no secret that you are an icon🙌 The plus-size industry in Botswana was bred by you Miss Plus Size Universe Botswana 2016. Long live the Queen, I absolutely love your Beauty and grace, fierce. I absolutely love you," she said.


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