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Controversial journalist, entrepreneur and social media marketer, Daniel Kenosi has been a hot topic ever since he left his job as a senior reporter for The Voice.

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Daniel Kenosi likes to spark conversations and his expertise include public speaking, media relations and radio.

The former journalist was also a controversial journalist and this often landed him in trouble with the law because it seems he always came up with his own journalism ethics deserting the ones set out for everyone working in the journalism profession.

He has been dubbed a gossip monger a number of times but one thing about him, he can rattle people's feathers to get what he wants and it has been working for him.

The 31 year old entrepreneur had a tabloid newspaper called "paparazzi' that he decided to publish digitally because of the current state of journalism. He now has an advertising agency called Tlotso Creations.

Tlotso Creations has not been without its scandals. Last year, 2020, The Parrot Online reported that Daniel was facing jail time after he allegedly swindled money from a woman who wanted to buy a car.

Neo Shashe told The Parrot Online that she saw Daniel's post on Facebook selling a BMW, ‘’I then commented on the post asking for the price of the car, that is when he sent me a direct message telling me he is an agent of a car dealership based in Central Business District (CBD), Gaborone,’’

Neo said that Daniel convinced her to buy the car so she asked for the banking details of the company so she can deposit the money.

"The agreement was that I pay P10000 then pay the rest of the monies when the car arrives, that is when he shared Tlotso Creations bank details, a company I was given the impression was not his, only to find out he lied he was the sole owner of Tlotso Creations

"I was then told I should contact one of Tlotso Creations owners, some guy called Thabo Disele to give him the proof of the P10 000 payment. I called Thabo who confirmed that he knows about the car, and told me we will meet later that day. He later called that day to postpone, and the following day was another postponement even on the third day same stor

This is when Neo started suspecting that she had been scammed. "She then called Disele to give him an ultimatum, either to meet or she pursues the take legal route. Shashe alleges Thabo confessed and told her that they have never taken her money, all this time her money was credited to Tlotso Creations a company owned by Daniel. Neo then reported the matter at Airport Police where a case was opened against Dan.

‘’I then wrote about how he swindled me my money on Facebook that night after reporting the matter at the police. The following day he then told everyone on social media that I lied and that he has never swindled me P10 000, and that in fact I was impregnated by the VP and he knows about my trip to UK where I made an abortion, ” she said.

This made Daniel a wanted man.

This is another Scandal that Daniel was embroiled in in March this year. Read the excerpt below:

Daniel is originally from Zimbabwe but has been in Botswana for a very long time.

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