A Glimpse At How Connie Ferguson's Diamond Ring Was Created

From start to finish and her final product looks sizzling.

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Media mogul and TV actress Connie Ferguson, has always been a fan of the finer things in life and her taste is impeccable.

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The actress who plays Harriet in Mzansi Magic's hit telenovela-turned soapie The Queen recently gave her legions of fans a glimpse at how her diamond rock was created. It is no secret that diamond rings come at an expensive price tag to Connie spending her hard-earned money on precious things in life is no hustle at all!

In a series of Instagram stories Connie posted snaps of how the ring was created and we were left in awe of the final product as it looks sizzling.
Screenshots Instagram @Connie_ferguson
Screenshots @Connie_Ferguson

In a long appreciation post, Connie had shared before how she co-designed the precious ring with Axel Diamond and the inspiration behind the craftsmanship.

I have an innate love for design, of any kind. I cannot sketch, but I can draw images in my head and get a sketcher to put pencil to paper,. I’m pretty ocd when it comes to lines, curves, symmetry, flow etc. I can be a pain to design for or with! So the fact that @axoli_m of @axeldiamond_ was daring enough to let me co-design one of his latest offerings, speaks volumes to the young man’s confidence!
A simple classic north/south/east/west tapered prong setting evolved and blossomed into three other design options, encompassing heart shapes because they were designed with LOVE! With Christmas around the corner and engagements coming up, any woman would be proud to wear Qhama! OF THE FOUR, WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE OPTION.

Excited to introduce Qhama to our Legendary Diamond Ring collection.
@connie_ferguson Watch video till the end as it portrays the Evolution of a Powerful Queen as she grows and blossoms with grace.
The 4 stages resemble the wonderful and inevitable growth of a woman in all aspects of her life.

Just recently Shona Ferguson showed off his custom-made diamond chain. Connie and her husband Shona are no stranger to the good life and they do not shy away from flaunting it on social media.

In 2001 the power couple tied the knot and they have since been together and they are going strong. In 2011 they launched their production company, Furgeson Films.  The company has produced multiple hit series for Mzansi Magic, which includes Rockville, iGazi, The Gift, The Throne

The two have since become one of the most powerful couples in celebville, and their net worths will give you chest pains.

Image Credit: Instagram @Connie_Ferguson

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