Cassper Categorises Himself As Chubby

He is still looking like flames to us…

By  | Oct 20, 2020, 07:05 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Top of The

South African musician, Cassper Nyovest, appears to have succumb to the reality of sporting a few extra pounds this festive period – just like the rest of us. Following the nationwide lockdown, most of the world have realised that perhaps those sweet treats throughout the day weren’t the best idea, and are now faced with a new, fuller body, just in time for swimsuit season. 

Instead of wallowing away, Cassper has embraced his new curves and is titling himself a Sexy Chubby N******. The new dad shared a recent image of himself, dressed in an all-white ensemble, captioning it with, Chubby N*ggas are in season this Summer. We up!!!”, and, “Sexy chubby n*gga making a comeback this summer. Big boy nyovie!!!”. 

Whilst Cass may think that he is looking “chubby”, many of his fans believed that his fuller-figured body suited him and a little junk the drink don’t hurt nobody! Jessica tweeted, “I ain’t mad if the old Cass is making a comeback. I’m sure your baby mama would like something to hold on to”. Cass agreed with many of his fans, stating, “I've always been team sexy chubby from the jump.”

The rapper’s new thoughts about his body is a surprising turn of events, as at the beginning of the month, he was in a completely different head space.  Cassper, committed to regaining his lean body now that the initial festivities following the birth of his son had died down. The rapper, who spent a few weeks in Durban after his girlfriend, Thobeka Majozi, had given birth to their son, Khotso, returned home and claimed to be doing his best to not fall into the dad-bod category. 

n a Tweet on Monday, 28 September 2020, Cass stated, “Got back in the gym today. Time to put this work in!!!! I gained mad weight in Durban. I was just so happy, eating and drinking whatever. Let’s see what we can cook in 12 weeks!!!”. The Any Minute Now creator committed to taking on a 12-week diet and workout regime in an attempt to build back his muscle and show off his banging body. 

He went on to admitted that his best friend, Carpo, isn’t the best gym buddy at the moment, however he is slowly starting to see a difference in his physique. “Feels so good to sweat again. The taste of sweat reassures me that I'm getting closer to my goals!!! First day went well!!! Carpo isn't the best Gym partner but re tlareng? Let's go!!! 12 weeks to the beast!!!”, he said. 

Well… looks like the 12 weeks aren’t up, and Cass has already thrown in the towel.
Picture credit: Twitter