The Mommy Dairies: During Quarantine

How do they do it all?

By  | May 20, 2020, 02:38 PM 

Sure, times are tough for everyone, everywhere around the world but these mothers are working the hardest trying to work from home and keep their kids from saying the dreaded, "I'm bored".

Here are some of our lovely mommies who are doing the most with their kids at home during the quarantine.

Ntando Duma

We love this mummy and daughter duo, from their cute nursery rhymes to just watching them play together.

Now that the two, are curled up together a lot more, Ntando has shown us on her IG Stories that it's not all fun and games with an energetic toddler.

We get it, we want to hang out with Ntando more too.

Gail Mabalane
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Gail is an ambassador for Huggies Pampers and has happily been promoting ways for mothers and babies to stay safe during these trying times through her socials.
We have to stan.

Anita Tltotlo Baliki
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She is a fox. She always looks good and has her family looking good too. She's truly the queen of the household and it shows. She's handling the quarantine like royalty and has recently returned to YouTube and has a certain someone (her son), joining in.

Tshepo Ntsole
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She's keeping her children occupied. No one will ever say they are bored at her house. She has a range of activities lined up for the kids, from doing sums on the abacus to colouring in.

Samantha Mogwe
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Samantha and her son are twinning...well mainly, he just copies what she does - but it's not without flattery. If mama bear Samantha is busy at work on her laptop, so is her baby boy. It's adorable.

It's important to stay safe through these scary times, so keep the little ones occupied and most importantly-stay at home.

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