Scar Under Fire For “Victim Blaming”

Hip Hop pioneer and co-host of the Buffet Breakfast Show on Yarona FM, Scar has come under fire from the residents of Botswana black twitter after a tweet which many believed to be ‘victim blaming’.
This comes after visual director and video award winning artist, Marinade Buzae sparked the conversation about Brendan Rundle’s alleged rape case, asking if there were any developments in the investigation.
In January this year, Botswana’s social media was abuzz following a viral tweet from Zinedine Gioia who narrated how she was a victim of rape after being drugged by Brendan Rundle. According to Zinedine’s version of events, it was on the 21st of July 2018, in the company of her friends at Rundle’s house ( who, at the time was her friend) where she says Rundle offered her a drink that blacked her out immediately and he later raped her. She further stated that after opening a case the next day, nothing had come out of it; even months later.
Zinedine had received a great amount of support on social media and even from local celebrities who were active in pushing the hashtag #JusticeForZinedine, but the campaign eventually died down.

With the topic resurfacing, and many twitter users livid about Scar's tweets, some expressed their disappointment in the radio host and challenged him about his stance regarding the matter, however he was unapologetic and stood his ground.
In a string of tweets, Scar also shared that his sister is also a victim of sexual abuse and they had to follow up on a number of occasions. He further tweeted that he has also had his name tarnished because of false accusations and that is why he feels strongly about reporting cases and following up.
Marinade Buzae also expressed his frustration with how quickly everyone forgot about his tweet about Zinedine's case and instead focused on Scar's tweets.
Main Image Credit: Botswana Youth Magazine   

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