The Many Times Vee Proved He Was A Proud Husband And Dad!

We love a strong man!

By  | Apr 07, 2021, 07:43 PM  | Odirile "Vee Mampeezy" Sento  | Relationships

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Vee Mampeezy is one of the country's proudest fathers ever and he often celebrates his children on social media.  Besides being busy, juggling work and family, he always finds time to fulfil his daddy diaries.

In his latest Instagram post, the musician decided to showcase love to his favourite girls. He posted a picture of his wife Kagiso Sento and her daughter having a precious mother and daughter moment. Vee captioned the picture "My girls" followed by heart emojis. We couldn't help but marvel at their beauty, they look gorgeous.
 We absolutely love it when fathers show love and appreciation to their kids and wives.
Kwaito' superstar Vee Wampeezy, has melted our hearts after posting a video of his son Elijah singing.  Vee gushed over his son's singing talent, and said after a few vocal trainings they will have a superstar at his household. His son touched the hearts of many with his beautiful voice and it is heart-warming to watch him deliver his artistry in the most impeccable way.

The bond between Vee and his son is pretty evident as he often posts his family on social media and all the fondest moments they create. One does not doubt the father-figure he plays, as he always teaches his children good things and to be down to earth in life.

Vee Mampeezy shared a cute birthday message for his wife DJ Kagiso Sento back in August 2019. The DJ who celebrated her birthday was touched and moved by the message, so were many fans.

He stated, “Let me be the first to wish the first lady and the queen of my Kingdom a happy birthday,May GOD give u more life,May GOD increase u as a DJ,May GOD give u more wisdom as a wife,May GOD give u strength as a mother, May GOD protect u as a public figure 'May GOD fill ur heart with his LOVE so u may know u are so loved and important to him Happy birthday queen”. 

It takes a lot to make a relationship work but according to musician Vee Mampeezy, there are five simple rules that guarantee a successful relationship or marriage. Taking to Twitter, Vee Mampeezy shared his hilarious advice on what it takes on having a successful marriage or relationship. In his video, Vee Mampeezy struggled to keep a straight face as told his fans what works and considering he has been married for some time one would expect him to have a few tips up his sleeve.

"Rule no. 1, Make sure God is first in your relationship, rule no. 2, listen to your wife or girlfriend, rule no. 3, listen to your or wife or girlfriend, rule no 4 listen to your or wife or girlfriend and rule no. 5, listen to your or wife or girlfriend then you gonna have a successful marriage or relationship," shared the musician.
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