Phenyo Oaitse Is A TikTok Dance Queen

and we're not surprised

By  | May 26, 2020, 02:50 PM

All the Tiktokers have been coming out of the woodwork more so than ever and that's probably because of COVID-19 and the lockdown but baby, the kids have nothing on Ms Phenyo Oaitse.

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Phenyo Oaitse aka Ms Phenyo has been creating content for the longest time, have just recently celebrated an IG milestone of reaching over 20K followers and having the most lit birthday celebration that lasted well... the whole month.

But we don't judge, we're actually just jealous. Where was our invite, girl?

Now, she's now got a new superpower that we didn't know about and it's looking like besides her lifestyle, beauty and fashion content- she is slaying the house down with this Tik Tok choreography.

It all started with this sassy, moody and nasty...
Instagram embed

...then she hit us with the freestyle, SOU SOU.
Instagram embed

And most recently, she hit us with the renegade and honestly, we were not prepared.
Instagram embed

She's a whole vibe and has honestly got us wanting to download TikTok and make our own poorly choreographed videos.

What an awesome way to encourage people to stay safe and stay home- thank you Ms Phenyo.

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