Not Just A Fashion Mogul

Fashion icon, entrepreneur and rated one of the most beautiful women in Botswana, Charity Baaitse is indeed more than just that. Yes, she slays in and out but just calling her a fashionista would not be doing justice to who this lady really is and what she has accomplished. Credit must be given where its due!

According to the Botswana Youth Magazine, Baaitse is not only known for dressing in potent boutique dresses, in Botswana but all across Africa as well. Her boutique has serviced artists like Mafikizolo and the former big brother star Pokello Nare. Her boutique which is known as 'Material girls' is famous for the best and most luxurious dresses, but she also happens to have bigger non fashion related companies.

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The glamorous Charity is also said to have security companies which she runs together with her husband. It puzzles most to figure out how women like charity pull it off, to look stunning always, run big businesses, run a home and be a mother. Not saying that its not possible, but it certainly takes a determined personality to take off such a busy life daily.

This inspires many and shows that with hard work you can achieve it all. Charity also proves that she is not just a beautiful frame but is also quite witty, which poises as a sign of intelligence. According to a recent article by The Patriot, Charity is a firm believer in education.

Her famous fashion blog, is what won her an outstanding number of followers on social media and her fashion status across Africa. Most comments on her twitter page state that she is one of the most best dressed woman in Botswana!

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/charitybaaitse

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