Lebohang Mabe’s Fashion Diary

Sometime back, Lebo might have made the headlines over the not so pleasant relationship she had with Nico Matlala. The starlet has since moved on with her life and she seems to be doing pretty well for herself. 

When it comes to fashion, this is a distinctive and often constant style in which people present themselves. This comes with the different seasons as well as you can’t keep wearing that same woollen hat through out the entire year. We take a look at Lebohang’s fashion style as she seems to have this slaying thing in the bag. You might a learn a thing or two.

Lebohang Mabe

You can never go wrong with a cool summer hat and a pair of those fine sunglasses. Lebohang knows how to keep it simple and fresh.

Going to a party or just to meet up with your girls, we cannot get enough of that top.

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A good pair of sneakers to match it with this little number. Lebohang sure does know how to keep her style practical and sexy at the same time.

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Keeping it up with some knit wear always works best.

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Yellow definitely looks good on her.

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Which look is your fave?

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Main image credit: Instagram/@lebohangmabe

Written by:
Bettina Mahlangu