Kagiso Sento Lends A Helping Hand

This is why we respect her

By  | May 04, 2021, 11:21 AM 

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Kagiso Sento is one of the country's most loved public figures. The beauty dabbles as a DJ and a fashionista and she has been making great strides in her career.

In an effort to address the hygiene challenged faced by many, Kagiso has partnered with Choppies Botswana on a Mother's Day Webinar Donation Campaign to assist the less fortunate with toiletries.

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This initiative calls on people from different walks of life to help donate toiletries for those who cannot afford them.  The toiletries can be bought in numerous Choppies stores across the country and customers can drop them in a labelled box of their fave.

Kagiso has really taken a page of out her husband's book. Vee is one of the country's most charitable celebs. In a post on his Instagram page recently, Vee shared that they have teamed up with Charam Gal to help artists in the country diversify into businesses and short courses. "An initiative to help artists to diversify into business and other short courses so that they can be able to earn a living for themselves. Let the battle begin. Listen to the interview tomorrow at 2 pm for more details," Vee shared

The musician has been donating food to several underprivileged people. In a post recently, Vee revealed that he bought loaves of bread for the less fortunate. He said due to his income having been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, he could not afford to provide hampers to the people.

"I decided to go and buy loaves of bread and give it to my people. I honestly believe that giving is giving no matter how small what u give is. So I encourage people out there to give others and make a difference. By the Grace of GOD I believe that in February I'll be able to give food hampers and please pray for me about that. In the meantime, I'll continue to give this bread until I can afford something bigger,' reads his post.

He also recently hired a fan at his still water company Maveeta and shared. "From a fan to an employee!!! .A few years back we gave away a car to my other fan, now almost every week we do food donation to my fans during these ruff times, I can't help everyone but where I get a chance I try by all means to help my people, sometimes I even get in trouble at work for doing it because tota hela I admit sometimes I overdo it😃😃!! I got nothing but Love for u #GODsGrace," he said.

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