DJ Fresh Gets Offered Exposure As Payment

Clearly not everyone knows who he is.

By  | Nov 28, 2020, 11:42 AM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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DJ Fresh might be one the richest and most respected DJs in Africa, but that does not mean that everyone is going to know he is and his worth. Every now and then, even greats like him take a knock in confidence when reminded that to some people he is just a DJ.

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According to The Big Dawg that moment occurred just this past week when he was shaken by a request from what was almost a client. DJ Fresh alleges that he was invited to play for a private, intimate session by an unnamed woman. It might have been the fact that it is pandemic season and big venues are not a thing anymore, but DJ Fresh considered the offer. He went as far as engaging the potential client to  figure out how much they were willing to part with and the answer surprised him. 

The woman clearly did not know who DJ Fresh is and tried their luck. This is a man that owns a whole plot, that he says he will never show because his life is private like that. This is man with children we have only seen as tattoos on his body because he is private like that, and can afford to be. This is the same man that could let go of one job, because it he was doing it for the “passion” and not the check. Therefore, when asking him to play for exposure from influencers it is awkward.
Not only was he surprised, but his followers felt his pain too. Tweeps took to the comments section to share their various, hilarious reactions to the story. There were comments that attempted to make light of the situation by suggesting that there might have been influential and “more famous” people than him there. This was suggested as the reason for the possibility of the exposure as a chance to broaden his horizon. 

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The DJ did react to one comical reaction from a tweep. Fresh is known for his off-the-cuff sense of humor, so when he spotted a comment he liked he did not waste time sharing it. The tweep suggested that he think of exposure as money. The tweep suggested that Fresh should be careful not to spend it all in one go, because if it depletes he would have wasted all that exposure.  And he would then need to go back for more.

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