DJ Fresh Calls Out Record Labels For Dropping Payola

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By  | Nov 25, 2020, 07:37 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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Botswana’s DJ Fresh has had enough of the illegal dealings in the radio industry that is consistently going on in the background. Taking to Twitter today, the entertainer agreed with the sentiments of radio peer, DJ Ankle Tap, who directly addressed the issue of payola. 

DJ Ankle Tap named and shamed a local music manager who had asked for him to endorse his artist for a sum of money. He stated, “This dude gets my number from someone and literally tries to bribe me. Offering me money to plug and play his artists music. I will NEVER accept payola to play music, consider your label dead to me broer. This is what happens when Skrr skrrs think starting a record label is the coolest idea they have ever had. Plz respect the music industry. Also if your song hashtag trends because you giving away airtime it doesn't mean the song is hot, it means people want airtime. Bribery won't take you far.”

DJ Fresh then hoped on to his personal Twitter page to thank his fellow DJ for highlight the issue. He responded with, “Shout out @DJAnkletap for calling out some record label wanting to drop some #Payola!! Sadly, until the bigger labels are called out for #Payola AND for blocking the listing of certain artists, we shall continue down this abyss!!!”. 

A follower then tried to call Fresh out in the comment section, accusing him of previously accepting payola, and basically calling him a hypocrite for his tweet. The DJ was having none of the false accusations and quickly responded back with, “You guys ya masepa!!! Specify, o sa tla go nnyela on my timeline!! NX!!!”. 

Payola, by definition in the music industry, is the illegal practice of payment to commercial radio in which the song is presented as being part of the normal day's broadcast, without announcing that there has been consideration paid in cash or in kind for its airplay adjacent to the recording's broadcast.

The DJ has always stood up for the right thing in the music industry, which has often gotten him into heated situations. He has also firmly corrected false accusations made against him, including the when Ntsiki Mzwai accused him of rape. Instead of getting into a back-and-worth Twar with Ntsiki, he headed straight to caught to put an end to it all. 

On Wednesday, 22 July 2020, the Johannesburg High Court released statements that confirmed that there was a legal battle between both personalities, and ultimately ruled that Ntsiki was no longer allowed to speak about DJ Fresh on any public forum.

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