Connie Ferguson "I Am Not Okay"

The actress nearly had a mild panic attack

By  | Jan 13, 2021, 09:34 AM  | Connie Ferguson  | Drama

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The festive season overindulgence in food, saw many of us enjoying December delicacies without being bothered, but now the holiday's weight gain is dealing with us and we cannot avoid it.

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It is no secret that some of us are now finding our clothes a little tighter after enjoying the Christmas pudding a tad too much and now we are faced with the tough responsibility to burn the full body fat and go back to our old diet, for an incredible weight loss.

In a video posted by Connie Ferguson on her Instagram stories, she revealed that she was already not okay about going back to her old diet, the Dubai vacay is over sis Connie!

In the video, her husband Shona Ferguson, is seen opening their freshly made dinner packs prepared by InShape Nutrition and Accessories and Connie reveals that she had a mild panic attack when they delivered the meals

The video started off with Connie walking to the kitchen and Shona recording her. Shona is heard saying "Are you giving me an attitude, Why? You do not want me to record you? Connie responds by saying "yes." The actress then comes back to where they were seated whilst Shona is showing us their meals. Shona is heard saying "Come on mom Are you not okay? Connie states "I am not okay."

Connie's meal had mince with veggies and Shona's was better because it had meat and sweet potatoes. Shona was seemingly shading her meal. and Connie was not impressed by her meal.

Connie revealed that the cheesecake she had in Dubai did some damage as Harriet's clothes do not fit anymore and she needs to burn the fat.
Image Cred: Instagram @connie_ferguson

The Ferguson family was holidaying in Dubai this past festive season. Taking to Instagram, Connie shared snaps from their Dubai vacay and they were clearly having the best time of their life. The Fergusons took over Dubai with their daughters Lesedi and Alicia. Lesedi took to her Instagram page and posted a snap of her dressed in a morning gown and her location revealed that she is in Dubai.

The eldest daughter of The Fergusons was celebrating her birthday on the day. Later during the course of their vacation, Connie and Shona melted our hearts when they shared a snap of them flirting in Dubai.

The pic has Shona looking at wife Connie Ferguson like he’s totally checking her out. Connie is seen sitting regally and ignoring him. This is what made it a funny picture. Adding the cheek to it were Shona’s cheesy pick-up lines, “Let me talk to you for a minute girl! You got a man?” like he’s hitting on her. 
The queen, Connie Ferguson’s “🤣🤣🤣 Yea and he fine as hell!😉😍❤️” just capped it! And did their fans love it?! Yes they did!

As soon as they landed in Mzansi Connie and her daughters decided to hit the gym and we cannot wait to see how their bodies will transform in 2021.

Image Cred: Instagram
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