How DJ Fresh Survived 2 Months Without A Salary

Saving for the rainy days

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:38 PM  | DJ Fresh 

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Following his dismissal from Metro FM, he and his family had to 'survive' at least 2 months without a salary.

The Botswana born super DJ, who currently resides in South Africa, told 702 that he had taught himself the importance of saving money for those rainy days, like the ones he and his family endured.

That principal helped him and his family survive for at least 2 months before jetting off to his new adventure which is 947.

Speaking to the station he added, "I am big on preaching about 'if you can afford to save.' The fact that I was without a salary for two months, but my family did not feel it, because I was saving for that rainy day."

Fresh was wrenched off air in June after he was found guilty by the BCCSA  and then got fired from Metro FM, for the use of a derogatory word he had said on air responding to a listener. 
Fresh On-Air

The much loved DJ received a lot of support from fans and fellow colleagues. In particular Mo Flava.

Flava is now the new host for the morning show called 'The Morning Flava' and a new fan favorite segment is 'Kids give the best answers' where kids call in and give answers to questions asked by him and co-hosts.

When a kid called in and answered 'Morning Fresh', Mo Flava was not bothered by that. In fact he said 'maybe one I will be Fresh.' He then tweeted "DJ Fresh is a hero, and people still need to get used to the new show."

After Fresh issuing an apology to fans he might have offended with the use of foul language  he was then able to restore his dignity and quickly bounce back. He joined a radio station that has been courting him for the past 10 years, 947 hosting the afternoon drive-time show.

A huge lesson learned about saving from the house music mogul.

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