Botswana’s A-List Celebs

Like the saying goes, move in silence and only speak when it’s time to say check mate. While some celebrities often spend their earnings on lavish lifestyles all in the name of ‘staying relevant’, some of our Batswana faves have certainly made it big in the entertainment industry by making all the right moves silently and investing wisely. We have come up with a list of those that top the charts.

The Fergusons


Having relocated to South Africa, the Fergusons are originally from Botswana and we have to admit they definitely take the number one spot on this one. Acting was what kick started everything for them in their careers. Sure we all remember Connie Ferguson as Karabo Moroka from the popular South African drama series ‘Generations’ as well as ‘The Wild’ and ‘Rockville’. Her husband was on ‘Scandal, Muvhango, Rockville as well as The Wild.

The two have since become television moguls as they own their own production house, ‘Ferguson Films’ which by the way has produced some great local South African television shows. The Queen is one of those and everyone can’t stop talking about it because of the famous Patronella

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DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh

He sure loves spinning those decks and his work does get the party going. DJ Fresh is originally from Botswana, but he relocated to South Africa where he continues to dominate the music scene. Having shared the stage with other famous DJs, like Jazzy Jeff and Fat Boy Slim, he’s graced the people in London, Dubai, Moscow, to mention a few, with his amazing talent. Not only does he have his hands on the decks, he seems to be a businessman as well. He has ventures that entail the running of Big Dawg Productions with DJ Euphonik and we’ve also seen him on SA’s Got Talent as one of the judges. Catch him doing what he knows best on Metro FM SA everyday as well.

No one can deny that Charity’s beauty is as flawless as a river flowing with milk and honey. With over 150 000 followers on Instagram, Charity has definitely made her mark in the celebrity world. She is one of Botswana’s most successful female entrepreneurs and she is also best known for her luxurious boutique, Material GilrZ, which was influenced by her love for fashion and beauty which manifested during her international travels. The local fashion mogul has put in the work to be where she is right now. 

Odirile Vee Sento

Vee Mampeezy

This list wouldn’t be complete if the great and legendary ‘Taku Taku’ hit maker was left out. That was one hit that got everyone crazy in love with his music and who would have thought that his career would take him to such great lengths that he has achieved today. Hardnwork definitely does pay off and the lavish lifestyle that Vee and his family are living is fairly deserved because of the many hours of work that have been ploughed over the years. He stays in the ‘rich people’ surburbs as they would call it and has a fleet of expensive cars. Who can say no to having that kind of life?

Kaone Kario

Kaone Kario

She has made a name for herself in the international space as a super model. Her career began to pick after winning the 2005 M-Net NOKIA Face of Africa model search competition. Kaone continues to work with some top modelling agencies both in Botswana, South Africa as well as the USA.
The list is endless, but these celebs keep putting in the work to feed the life they want to live.Who did we leave out? Comment in the comments section of who else should have been on the list.

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Written by:
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