Botswana, Are We On An Alcohol Free Cleanse Now?

It's official, no alcohol for 30 Days

By  | May 20, 2020, 02:38 PM 

It's official people, the government has issued that the sales of alcohol in Botswana will be banned for 30 days amidst the Coronavirus.

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According to Mmegi Online's Twitter, it has been confirmed that Botswana is putting in a 30-day ban on the sales of alcohol from Saturday, following soon after, South Africa announced that they will be going on lockdown and also implementing a no alcohol limitation.

As Boity would say on her show, Own Your Throne - HECTIC!

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Obviously, the Twitter streets had to Skkr, skrr! And react- here's some of what we saw:

Guess we've got to stock up, people!

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