Amantle Brown Addresses Misconceptions

The RnB sensation had laid some misconceptions to rest regarding the confusion with the type of music she does. Amantle Brown is an award winning artist who identifies her sound as RnB. However, critics often dispute that and label her music as Jazz, only because its being sung in Setswana. 

In an interview on Yarona FM with K-Luv, she clarifies the misconceptions regarding the genres. In the interview Amantle says...

"I am pulling the same notes as Beyonce and Rihanna but it's in my language. Nna I decide to call it RnB, and when I perform it then that is when people realize that this is something different." 

People would ask the songstress whether she is from Botswana, and she simply says, "I am Motswana baby and I am doing it big here."

On this episode of 'The RnB 10. Botswana RnB The story,' she says that people should listen to the notes, and song arrangements to make up whether a song is RnB. Whether sung in Setswana or not, listening attentively to a song will tell you that it is RnB.

During the interview she addressed the criticism RnB artists who sing in vernacular face when their music is being labelled as something else other than the intended genre. During her performances most people would realize the uniqueness in her music and diversity hence the difficulty in classifying the genre.

Listen to the interview below:

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