5 Restuarants In Gaborone To Enjoy In Winter

Staying cooped up indoors during winter might sound like the best idea. However, not in the beautiful winter weather this country has to offer. Looking for the best reason to go out and enjoy a good eatery? These restaurants will be the go-to destination to fulfil that Botswanan food craving or when you fancy a good appetising Italian meal. 

Caravela Portuguese Restaurant 

For a great intimate scenery and distinct ambiance, this Portuguese restaurant will definitely win the family over. Yes it is perfect for the whole family and will offer a great substitution to your normal Friday meals. With three separate dining areas with a fireplace to keep you cosy and for that feel at home feeling, open air patio for those who love to experience the clear sunny winter skies or clear starry nights with the fresh breeze kissing your face, this restaurant is the go-to restaurant. 

Address: Plot 421 Mokgosi, Gaborone, Botswana. 

Basilico Italian Restaurant

Does live music tickle your fancy? Look no further, and no it is not Italian music (as per reviews). Enjoy the taste of Italy whilst enjoying the great African atmosphere situated at the heart of Botswana. They offer a great outdoor seating and a menu suited for everyone to enjoy. 

Address: 5371/2 Kgalagadi Way, Ext. 11, Gaborone, Botswana. 

Mahogany’s Restaurant 

Artful and offers a unique and distinct range of Botswana meat dishes. Situated in a 4 star resort that’s cosy and great for intimacy. It offers a casual atmosphere also good for groups of people to enjoy each other’s company. 

Address: Chuma Drive 4247 Gaborone Sun, Botswana. 


This restaurant offers great breath-taking views of the city. From their rooftop dining areas that are the ideal choice when the city lights up. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Again offering a good family affair that is also wheelchair accessible. You can visit the eatery during any time of the day to enjoy their breakfast menus whilst preparing for the day, Botswanan style! 

Address: Western Commercial Rd, Gaborone, Botswana.

Ashoka Palace 

For an all you can eat Indian cuisine experience, look no further than Ashoka Restaurant. Offering free Wi-Fi and a family friendly environment. Also a great party hall for any function however the hearty Indian food is perfect for those cold winter nights. Their wine selection is reviewed to be the best. 

Address: African Mall, Mothlware, Gaborone, Botswana 

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Main image credit: Table50Two.com

Written by:
TSWAlebs Team