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Social media, has become a huge part of life in our society today. Stars use these platforms to entertain, inform and keep people guessing all at once. One of the biggest and most used social media platforms by celebs is Instagram. Even though, most stars on the continent are on Instagram. There are some who have added their own personal touches to their pages in order to stand out from the crowd. 

Wondering who these are? Well, we did a little deep dive for you so that you don’t have to wonder anymore.


Davido, is an artist that has carved out an international career for himself through consistency. This strategy has seen him succeed. It’s safe to say that, the ‘IF’ hit maker is following this strategy, to make his Instagram pop, and surprise! surprise! It seems to be working.

21.2million followers is no joke!

Davido, has been able to amass over 21 million followers on his page. He keeps his followers entertained by sharing pictures of his personal life, which includes pictures and videos of his three children (whom he adores so much) and notifying fans what he is up to. He recently posted images of old ‘Dami Duro’ CDs to celebrate his 10th anniversary. I don't know about you, but this got me so nostalgic.

The star also has a colorful page. He highlights his fashion sense through his posts, where he showcases a variety of colorful clothing options, that can't help but catch the eye. He is definitely a fashion icon, and I tend to think that, a few millions of his followers get some clothing tips from his Instagram page.

Davido posts in different looks.

The artist, is also known to showcase his lavish lifestyle. Whether he is posting images of him flashing some cash, hopping on a private jet, brandishing an expensive watch or rubbing shoulders with international celebs, Davido bears it all on his social media platform, keeping his fans entertained and ever growing.

Yemi Alade

The Nigerian songstress, is not only killing it in her music career but also on her Instagram. Yemi Alade, has over 14 million followers on her page. Followers she keeps entertained, by showing them she is just like them. 

Yemi on the right path.

The star, often posts funny videos and images on her stories and on her page. She utilizes emojis and is not afraid to have fun with her posts. Not taking herself too seriously on Instagram, helps the fans relate and also keeps them entertained.

Yemi keeps it fun.

Yemi Alade, loves dancing and this is evident from her Instagram. Whether she’s posting images and videos of herself or others dancing, it's clear to see from her posts that it is a big part of her life and a huge source of entertainment for her fans. 

Page full of dancing clips
Yemi’s page is full of dancing videos. But whenever she takes a still photo, it's always in stunning clothes and she still keeps it light-hearted.


With over 9 million followers, the Ugandan beauty Zarinah Hassan, commonly known as Zari, is certainly holding her own in this Instagram rat race. Zari is famous for being a socialite, and her Instagram certainly showcases her living up to that tag.
Go girl!!!

Zari’s Instagram page oozes class, with images of her in designer clothes, expensive cars and attending exclusive parties, the types of which some of us can only dream of ever getting an invite. 

Zari next to a Benz.

Fans also tune in to keep up with her personal life, which features her relationship with her baby daddy and Tanzania star Diamond Platnumz, with whom they have kids together. Their relationship is full of ups and downs and fans keep it locked on her page, to get the latest updates. Last time we checked, they were happy and co-parenting is going well.

The latest caption on her relationship with Diamond read, “It takes only a brave to turn around and do the right thing. The smiles on @princess_tiffah & @princenillan are priceless. We appreciate you papa 🙏”.

These are just some of our top choices, if you feel we’ve left someone out, don’t be shy! Let us know in the comments down below!!! 

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