Tonto Dikeh Accuses Her Ex of Illegal Sex Tapes And Blackmail

Nollywood drama never dissapoints

By  | Sep 27, 2021, 03:05 PM 

Image of King Tonto Dikeh squatting in a black bodysuit
Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has got herself in hot soup yet again! A few months ago she publicly announced her relationship with Nigerian businessman and politician Joseph Egbri, who goes by the nickname Prince Kpokpogri. Tonto is known for a lot of controversies and drama but this story is like no other. 

She took to social media to share with her fans that she called it quits with her ex, Prince Kpokpogri, after some audio recordings of him were leaked. In this audio call, Prince Kpokpogri talks to actress Merit Gold about his relationship with Tonto. He complains about Tonto saying that it has been a nuisance to date her especially because she drinks and smokes too much. He then goes on to tell Merit about his sex-capades with other women who he had been sleeping with while still dating Tonto. He also reveals that he privately records sex tapes of his affairs with other women, many of whom are celebrities and married women. Prince Kpokpogri admits to not really being in love with Tonto and claims that he was just dating her to use her to get famous. 

Tonto Dikeh shared the audio clips on her Instagram page, explaining to her fans the reason for her breakup with Prince Kpokpogri. She warns him against blackmail and threatens to sue him for illegally recording their private moments. She also accuses him of tapping her phone to illegally record her audio calls. In the same post, Tonto also tags popular Instagram twerk queen, Jane Mena, who prides herself for being married yet still being able to publicly twerk online. Tonto claims that Prince Kpokpogri has accumulated very many sex tapes with Jane Mena, both old and recent. Fans were shocked at the level of high tea and drama that was served by Tonto Dikeh.

Prince Kpokpogri responded by putting up some Instagram stories confirming their breakup. He denies having used the sex tapes to blackmail anyone. He then reveals that the couple only dated for three months which was a living hell for him! He accused Tonto of cheating on him on a trip she took to Lagos where she “opened her legs like Lekki Toll gate”. He claims that Tonto then begged and begged him for forgiveness, threatening to commit suicide if he didn’t.

This whole relationship just seems like it was a whole whirlwind of drama in our opinion.

Merit Gold, who was the lady being spoken to in the leaked audios also took to social media to apologize to Tonto, claiming that she was confused and played by Prince Kpokpogri. She also confirms the allegations made by Tonto against Prince, saying that it’s true that he has numerous sex tapes of him and other celebrities which he recorded privately to use them for blackmail if the need would arise.

Prince Kpokpogri has now dragged Tonto Dikeh before a federal high court and is suing her for 10 billion naira as compensation for the mental trauma, emotional stress and severe damage caused to him. 

What a whole load of drama!

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