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By  | Jan 21, 2021, 06:53 PM

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South Africa

Nandi Madida Receives A Gift From Beyoncé

Multi-award winning artist Beyoncé has shown our Queen Nandi her appreciation as she gave her a gift for her legendary contribution to her critically acclaimed Black Is King project.

"Thank you for your beautiful contribution to Black is King. I'm grateful for you Love," reads the card which was signed by Bey.

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Cassper Cancels Fight With AKA

3 Years Of Bliss For Junior De Rocka And His Bae


Queen Sono Vs Kings Of Joburg: Which Series Is The Best?

"BRING BACK QUEEN SONO PETITION!" has gained momentum on Twitter to the point where many who oppose it created a competition between the series and Kings Of Joburg.

Kings of Joburg was produced by The Fergusons and Queen Sono starred the likes of Pearl Thusi and Vuyo Dabula. Queen Sono and Kings of Joburg are currently trending in SA and have sparked a debate on which show the best.

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Meriam Kaxuxwena Has A Message We All Need To Hear

Meriam took it upon herself to let us know that 2021 should be all about ourselves and inner peace. She tells us all to unfollow anyone that we may feel jealous of or be pressured by.

2021 should be about removing any toxicity from our lives and making it a peaceful year for us. She tells us not to focus on anyone else, especially not those that make us envious or make us feel like we are not doing enough.

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Top Cheri Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Meriam Kaxuxwena To Take A Mini Hiatus From The Gram

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