The Healing Nature Of Art

Jemima Kakizi on Rwanda's pain and healing

By  | Feb 17, 2023, 08:53 PM

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What more do you know about Rwanda apart from the fact that they have a beautiful Central Business District, they have a professionally built basketball stadium and they are known to have some of the most beautiful ladies around?

Well, we’ll add something to your list. Art. Rwanda has very bitter memories from its past. The genocide of 1994 left its population traumatised and to date, it remains to be a tetchy subject among its population

To help heal these wounds, artists like Kakizi Jemima are curating pieces that will spark conversations around these topics. This is part of her drive to get people to talk about matters to do with mental health. It is not the only issue she looks to start. Climate change and environmental change are others.

She is one of the female artists who are keen on developing the art scene in Rwanda. She is the founder of the Rwandan Women Artists Collective to raise the next generation of artists. 

Jemima is clearly a woman on a mission and to read more about her work, YAZA Kenya published a piece presented by Anjellah Owino