Reasons Why DJ Zinhle Is Unstoppable

She is on a mission!

By  | Feb 10, 2022, 05:34 PM

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You may not recognize the name Ntombezinhle Jiyane but you definitely know who DJ Zinhle is. The South African DJ, producer, media personality and businesswoman has made quite a name for herself, not only in SA but across borders and throughout the continent.

The media mogul has undoubtedly taken the industry by storm and she is not slowing down anytime soon. Although she had initially set her eyes on becoming a TV presenter, DJ Zinhle kicked off her music career in 2004. Her passion for music and mixing was ignited by watching her brother play vinyl and this eventually rubbed off on her. She secured her first break as a resident DJ on a popular youth dance show.

Because we believe that Zinhle is such a force to reckon with, we decided to put together a few reasons why we absolutely stan the woman that she is. 

Amazing Mother

If there is one thing Zinhle will do, it is show off her children! The mother of two is constantly flooding our timelines with the cutest pictures of her daughters Kairo and Asante and we can’t help but fall in love. She has mastered the art of balancing and giving both her babies the attention they deserve. Zinhle often has mommy - daughter dates with her oldest daughter, Kairo, who is not so accustomed to sharing mother’s attention with her newborn sister. 

Hustler Of Note

Zinhle can easily be described as the most enterprising celeb in South Africa. When she is not focusing on her friends and family, Zinhle is focusing on securing her bag. DJ Zinhle launched her fashion accessories line, Era by Zinhle in 2012 and has been unstoppable since then. She later went on to launch Hair Majesty, a beauty, cosmetic and personal care line focusing mainly on Brazilian and Peruvian hair. She also co-founded Jiyane Atelier, a luxury urban minded furniture company with friend and business partner Brandon Reynolds. In 2020, the DJ acquired equity in the Boulevard brand and stepped in as the CEO of the sparkling wine brand. Zinhle also owns a few airbnb’s in and around Johannesburg. Talk about securing the bag!

Super Girlfriend

Although she has had quite a few ups and downs when it comes to relationships, Zinhle has titled herself as ‘The Best Girlfriend’ . Her current partner and baby daddy can definitely attest to this with his never ending smile. The DJ never misses an opportunity to love up on her man, spoil him or show him off on her Instagram. In a recent episode of her reality show, she spoke of marriage and we could not be happier for the pair.


If there is one thing that Zinhle will do, it is release a club banger. The DJ has never disappointed when it comes to dropping bangers. She is often referred to as the best female DJ in the country and with her song topping the charts, she was recently voted Africa’s number one female DJ.

Fashion Trendsetter

Lastly, when it comes to fashion, Zinhle is a powerhouse. The DJ has mastered the art of combining urban chic with class and comfort. We always look forward to seeing what the mama of two will rock up wearing.