Pushing The Growth Of Africa's Film Industry

This is where the numbers are.

By  | Apr 24, 2023, 02:45 PM

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There was a time when you struggled to find information about the continent’s film industry because of the absence of a facility that preserved such kind of data. However, that has since changed as the film industry across the continent developed.

Now we have organisations like the Pan-African Audiovisual and Cinema Observatory (OPAC) founded by Souad Houssein that focus on building the database of the film industry and using it to bridge not only the information gap but working with governments and relevant bodies to provide the information needed to make decisions in the film industry. 

“We make it possible to understand the realities, capacity and trends of the image market in Africa which offers tangible assistance to policymakers and funders in terms of strategic visions and potential investments.” 

YAZA Africa spoke to Souad Houssein and delved deeper into the landscape of the film industry across the continent.