Law Breaking Celebrities

... and you would never guess what they did

By  | Jan 12, 2022, 05:53 PM

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People we see on TV, musicians, actresses, artists, and professional athletes - are often the people who many of us idolize and who children look up to as they grow up. Despite this, several of them make blunders that occasionally land them in legal problems. Due to their celebrity status, some of these famous faces are able to avoid the consequences of their actions, but others are not so and get longer, and deserving, sentences. 

Check out our list of South African celebrities who have been caught red-handed on the wrong side of the law and see if any of your heroes are there.

If we didn't start with Molemo, we would not be doing this list justice. Molemo, who is better known by the name Jub Jub, was arrested back in 2010 when he and his friend caused a fatal car accident resulting in the death of four children, and the brain damage of two others. When the incident occurred, the two were supposedly high on drugs and alcohol and decided to go racing near a school. The rapper was sentenced to ten year behind bars but was released after serving four years of his sentence.

Following his release from jail, the rapper reformed himself and became a media personality hosting his own reality show called Uyajola 9/9. It seems like he has now become a household name. However, despite his reinvention, it looks like trouble follows him everywhere he goes. Just recently the rapper was involved in a controversy, which resulted in his suspension from the show.

MacDonald Ndou who is an actor in the popular series Muvhango sent shock waves across the nation when he was arrested for a long list of crimes. The actor was accused of impersonation of a police officer, corruption, extortion and kidnapping - talk about hectic! This all happened when he and his friends were set up by a businessman after trying to obtain a bribe of R100,000.

Ndou’s co-conspirators remained in police custody however he was later released as investigations into the case continued. Following the drama, Ndou moved on with his life and even began a family.

This one may really shock you but next on the list is world renowned DJ Black Coffee. The superstar found himself on the wrong side of the law back in 2015 and was arrested for speeding - driving 80km/h over the speed limit. Black Coffee justified his recklessness by claiming he was rushing home to be with his family in time for Christmas. Fortunately he did not spend any time locked up but he clearly learned from his mistakes.

Another shocker on the list is international comedian Trevor Noah. Although he is now a national treasure, the comedian has quite a rough childhood and an even rougher set of teenage years. Trevor Noah was arrested as a teenager and this led to him spending a week behind bars before finally being released on bail. What is even crazier is the reason the young Trevor was arrested was because he had been accused of stealing a car when he was caught driving a junk automobile he took from his step father’s workshop. 

With their booming careers you would never think some of our favs have had a brush with the law and even spent time behind bars.