'I Want To Work With People From The Continent'

Florence Elomo Akoa explains

By  | Apr 04, 2023, 11:37 AM

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Filmmakers of African descent find themselves in a tough place when working outside the continent. The fact that our stories do not receive as much airtime and opportunity inspires them to break this barrier. However, there is so much difficulty associated with bringing these stories to life. 

Florence Elomo Akoa who traces her roots to Cameroon talks about the marginalisation of the African film industry in France and how it redirected her into working on the continent.

She has several projects under her name and is currently working on some for which she is collaborating with African filmmakers. 

In this candid interview with YAZA Africa, Florence discussed the realities of the French film industry, what it will take for filmmakers like her to penetrate and the importance of championing our own stories.