About To Graduate?

This film is for you

By  | Oct 28, 2022, 07:53 AM

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Are you about to graduate from the university? Well, this film is for you. If you feel lost and can’t really figure out what your next step is going to be, don’t feel embarrassed or think that something is wrong with you. 

Sure! Your friends are happily talking about how they have already secured a job or have a relative who’ll put in a word for them. It sucks because you don’t have the ‘happy fairytale ending’. 

However, Actual People by Kit Zauhar shows that confusion is part of life. We don’t always have it figured out. 

Check it out here.

Breast Cancer: There is Hope 

Have you been tested? One of the secrets to beating breast cancer is to get it diagnosed early. You can do this by yourself or seek professional help.

Meet Blessings Amanda, she is a breast cancer survivor who received an early diagnosis and is now back to doing what she loves. Not just that, she is an advocate for breast cancer awareness which is why she opened up to us about her story.

Read it here.