Shilongo "Kanibal" Ashipala Laid To Rest

He was and will forever be a legend

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Hip Hop Legend Shilongo "Kanibal" Ashipala was laid to rest today at Pioneerspark cemetery in Windhoek.

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According to the Namibian, Kanibal's badly decomposed body was found last Wednesday, six days after he had committed suicide on 10 September at his mother's house in Windhoek. The artist was hailed as a trailblazer and mentor in the local hip-hop industry.

The news of his passing has sent shockwaves across the nation, with messages of tribute and condolences pouring in. The rapper shot fame a few years ago and he became a household name with a legion of fans. He retired a few years ago to focus on producing music.

Condolences are still pouring in as people try to comprehend what has happened.

Gazza said, "We lost a pillar and pioneer in the music industry. In times like this many of us might lose the battle to mental health, I urge all of you to protect your energy and you mental health"

Gazza's follower on Instagram said, "Mental health has become a great concern. There is really a for more NGOs to initiate such programs or centre's country. In order for people to have open mind n solutions to their problems. Wish one day I can make such dream a reality to people. There is less focus n transparent centre's to assist everyday persons besides some resort to churches, drug n alcohol abuse or sangoma. And some even makes them worse blame shifts e. g spiritual accusations etc"

Legendary musician Jackson Wahengo also paid tribute to the fallen jack of all trades. He posted a video of him playing his guitar and singing a touching song.

My brother Shilongo Kani took his life today, so am hearing. Kanibal and I worked on many projects, him featuring me on his songs, him producing, recording mixing & mastering my song “Ove” He was a Jack of all trades, master of all. on the soccer field, Kanhi was fast & ruthless. May his soul Rest In Peace. Namibia is losing creatives,' he tweeted.

Speaking to The Namibian, radio personality Cheeze said the musician was going through the most and he wanted to commit suicide on several occasions.

“Recently in the last three months that I saw him, he had really deteriorated and people called me to tell me that Kani was assaulted again. He had a serious drinking problem which was masking and suppressing the pain. My man was in a lot of pain but he was a genius at his craft,” said Cheeze.

The musician was apparently diagnosed with COVID-19 a few months ago and it affected his health more. Apparently, he wanted to harm himself twice. The legendary musician committed suicide and his decomposed body was found a few days later after he had died. It is suspected that Kanibal died on Friday and one of his family members made the gruesome discovery of his body at his mother's place.

Treza Cooper who worked with him remembered him as a legend who always wanted to uplift upcoming artists.

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