Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

The kings and queens of the renowned social media

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There is no denying that social networks are part of today’s world including one of the most popular, Instagram which is loved by many celebrities as well as fans who love to keep in touch with what their favorite star is doing. Instagram has heavily been involved in bringing a lot of trends we see these days and having more followers means your content gets to reach a lot of people effortlessly while growing your influence also. Here is a list of some of the most followed and influential celebrities on Insta

Meriam Kaxuxwena

Currently, at 304k followers, Meriam's influence on the social network cannot be denied though some followers of hers turn out to be haters sometimes. The model has never been the one ashamed to clap back or respond to criticism online where cyberbullying has been the theme lately. Her Instagram account is one to check out with a lot of pictures of her in different places and costumes. It's no doubt she will continue to gain more followers considering the rate her career is growing by the day.

If there is one celebrity whose life is always under the spotlight, the award goes to Betty Davids who just can't seem to stop trending. The star is one of the most loved on the social network and she loves to use it too as she always takes time to upload something new to grace her fans who are always keen to know what she is up to. It seems like everything she touches turns to gold as none of her posts go unnoticed or untalked about. Her beauty is one of the many reasons why people can't resist taking a look at her latest posts having about 125k followers to her name. Lately, Betty has been enjoying motherhood and she always takes time to share with the world her new blessing. 

It won't come as a surprise to many that one of the most talented musicians in Namibia is also one of the most-followed people. Not only do fans follow him for updates on his music and career but also for his personal life which a lot of people envy. His lifestyle is an inspiration to many and people just can't help but follow him to stay updated on the latest events happening in his life. King Tee Dee boasts of more than 300k followers proving that he is indeed the King.


Exit, The man who slammed Instagrammers who are living a fake life also happens to be one of the most followed as well on the popular social network. He has over 200k followers on his account and has set an example for those he slammed by serving original content on his page, not under the pressure of impressing, and has set his own standards which should motivate others to start doing the same.

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