Luis Munana On Greedy People

This is for the people who do not elevate others when they succeed

By  | Mar 28, 2023, 08:21 PM  | Luis Munana  | Top of The

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Most times when people make it to the top, they claim that it is lonely. Luis Munana has found the reason behind this loneliness, and that is because people do not bring others with them.

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As one of the most sought after models, entrepreneurs, TV presenters and all-round media personalities, Luis knows a thing or two about success. It would be a disservice for him to not bring others with him.

He recently took to Twitter to let the greedy know that the reason they are lonely is because they did not extend the ladder they used to climb to the top, back down.

"If it’s lonely at the top, it’s because you didn’t bring enough people with you. Remember to send the elevator back down Fam."
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Luis recently spoke of his ordeal and encounter with racism at Clicks. He opened up about being left shaken after being racially profiled.

"THIS HAS TO STOP! Is it RACIAL PROFILING  if it’s coming from a fellow black man? Lowkey still shaken, won’t lie. Probably not the only one this has happened to. Felt humiliated in full view of the public .Also, were recording so it’s bound to come out," he tweeted.

He then explained what happened as he was walking into the store with a friend, "Walked into CLICKS with the hommie Jerry after gym. The guard insisted we leave our bags at the door upon entry, we asked why we are the only ones to do this when everyone else is walking in and out freely with all their belongings.

"There’s no notice upon entry which suggests bags must be left at the door. Anyways, we walk in. The guard follows us around the aisles the entire time we are at CLICKS. Jerry pays, as we walk out he starts shouting “let me search your bags,” he continued.
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