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Brands of lotion that you could use to prevent your skin from looking dry

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Ever had a moment where you’ve gone swimming but forgot to pack some lotion? Well, I have and I must say it was the hardest and one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Here I am, in a fancy and exquisite hotel having the time of my life in the pool, then I remember that I had forgotten my lotion and I would now have to go home looking all ashy and with cracks all over my legs. I’m sure my dry skin companions can relate with me here. It wasn’t easy I must admit.

What made the situation worse was the system I usually use to apply lotion on my body. It always depends on my outfit of the day, you know #OOTD. When I am in a short sleeved shirt and trousers, I only apply lotion where necessary. By this I mean I apply lotion to the areas naked to the eyes. From where the sleeve is showing my hands and where the trouser has reached, showing my feet. In short, just my feet from the ankles and my hands from the elbows. It is a different situation when I am in a skirt because my legs are showing from the knees. I am sure you get my point now. So you can imagine how my walk from the pool to the changing room was like. 

This story was triggered as I was putting up a post on Facebook, where we asked Nalebrity followers to suggest a brand of lotion that they recommend for the person in question. The responses definitely made my day, I am sure they will do the same for you.

This follower saw that lotion was not a good fit and suggested this.

Another follower had an almost similar suggestion as the first one.

Some even went to the extent of posting photos of examples of what they would recommend.

Luis Munana felt that lotion would not work.
There were followers who mentioned a few brands that they thought could work.

There are two brands that stood out since a number of the followers mentioned them. This are Epimax, and Vaseline.  Cooking oil was also mentioned a couple of times.
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However, this were the most hilarious comments that I came across. 

One follower related to the post more than the rest.

Nalebrity followers came up with many suggestions for lotion brands and others who felt lotion could not work recommended what could. All that is left is figuring out which recommendation to go with haha. 

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